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How To Do A Room Layout

To start get a sheet of paper (preferably graph paper) and draw a quick sketch of the room you will be doing a floor plan for. You will need an architectural scale (you can find at most art stores) because later you will be doing a to scale drawing. To start a quick sketch is easiest.

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Color Psychology

So you need to pick some colors for your home. Bet you didn’t realise just how much of an affect color has on our senses. See more about it below…

  • Red packs a big punch which is why it is most often used as an accent color rather than a main color. In most people it increases blood pressure, heartbeat, energy and can bring about feelings of passion,  intimacy and oddly enough…hunger. Which if you may have noticed is why it is used so often in restaurants. It’s a great choice for kitchens and dining rooms.
  • Orange, is a friendly and welcoming color. Various shades, tints and hues of orange look good in living rooms and kitchens.
  • Yellow while it is like orange and is warm and welcoming it also packs a punch. It is a good paint color to use in darker areas of the home such as hallways or areas you want to brighten up such as entryways, bathrooms and kids rooms.
  • Green is probably the most relaxing of all the colors. It’s is most often found in nature and reflects a calmness and freshness and is more versatile than blue. Green of different hues, tones, tints are perfect for bedrooms, living rooms, kitchens,dining rooms and well basically anywhere. Since green is so soothing it is often used in hospitals, office buildings, schools and hotels.
  • Blue is ideal for bedrooms because it is a calm and tranquil color and has the same effect on our emotions. BUT stear clear of it for dining rooms and kitchens because unlike red it is an appetite suppressant.
  • Violet or purple can be very difficult. It is not often found in nature and many people often dislike the color all together unless it is close enough to the color found in roses and other flowers. Soft hues of purple look beautiful in rooms such as dining rooms, bedrooms, bathroom and kids rooms.
  • Brown is the color of earth and is found everywhere in nature. While brown can be a sad color is it also most typical of masculinity which is why men are more often drawn to brown than women are.

While these details are great to know. What you like and feel maybe different from the mentioned above so go with what you love and your home will reflect that.

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