When Furniture & Art Collide…

I have been wanting to comb the web for a while now to try to find unique and innovative furniture designs from all around the world. I spent the day looking for elements that would intrigue and inspire me and this is but a small sampling of what I have found. Five items to feast your eyes upon in no particular order.


1. Armchair Design SK (France)

Fauteuil design SK

DESIGNER: Nicholas Marzouanlian

This incredible french made chair is created by hand and each piece is numbered, dated and signed. It’s design is simplistic in nature but is full of imagination and ingenuity. The thing I found most impressive is that it is assembled without adhesives of any kind, nails, or screws. It is 100% made of wood, so it can be used inside and outside. As such it is described as being able to “follow the life of its owner”.

This is so reminiscent of my 3-D art class I took many years ago in which we made furniture out of cardboard and glue. If only I had this to inspire me then.



2. Quadra (Singapore)



This beautiful bookcase/room divider/art installation can really be whatever you want it to be. The optical illusion of it is so methodically planned and such a joy to look at. This piece won Hon Fay, (an architecture and furniture designer in Singapore) the grand prize in the ASID Asia Furniture Design Award in 2008.


3. Kenchikukagu (Japan)


This is far and away the most innovative & practical furniture I have seen to date. Leave it to the Japanese to create something beautiful, modern, compact and USEFUL. There are 3 items that they created; a mobile kitchen, mobile office and mobile bed. Everything was created with the intent that when it is not in use it can be folded up and stored away…AMAZING!!!



4. Flower Bloom (Turkey)

DESIGNER: Fatih Can Sarioz

The Flower Bloom is a conceptual design that is nothing short of fantastic. It’s furniture meets eye candy. This is another space saving innovation that would serve as a functioning piece of furniture when it’s “petals” are folded down and a conversation/art piece when folded up. I can’t wait to see this actually created and sold.



5. Celeste (Belgium)

DESIGNER: Kris Van den Berghe of Creme Fresh Design

This sky bed is a concept that leaves me speechless. I have seen many amazing bedrooms over the years but none yet that have that created a room over the bed itself. The design of it is so simplistic and clean that you can only imagine how peacefully you would sleep within it. It not only can be used with your existing bed but it also provides a room divider. What more can you ask for?!



— So there you have it folks. 5 INCREDIBLE furniture designs & concepts from around the globe. Hope you enjoyed it!


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